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About Quake Jones

The Beginning...

My musical journey started at the young age of 7. I always enjoyed watching music videos and pay-per-view concerts. I would always just watch them and think, "Hey, I can do that too!" During my freshman year of high school, we had a poetry class and I fell in love with writing what my heart was feeling and admired the challenge of making things rhyme with a purpose. I grew up listening to all kinds of music from 90's hip hop, R&B, motown, pop (yes, especially boy bands), and even 80's & 90's rock. My junior year in high school, I found out that I could put two of my favorite things together and create songs. Poetry and music. Which I later learned have flown together through the waters of time. I started getting serious about music after graduating high school. I wanted to make sure to put all of my effort into it which led to many great opportunities!


About Quake Jones

The Middle...

After releasing a full 20 song mixtape called, "Take Me Serious' and performing at a few venues, I started to see record label contracts come in. I was very picky even though the deals at the time seemed great. I finally found one that I could work with. The contract wanted me to make an album and then tour along with one of their artists and at the time, I was ready for. Then the day before my 22nd birthday, my 2 year old son was placed in my care full time. If I were to sign the contract, when it came to touring, I would of been on the road most of the year with hardly any breaks. So without even questioning it, I picked fatherhood and put music on hold for what would turn out to be an 8 year hold.


About Quake Jones

The Present...

With my music on hold while I was taking care of my son, I worked full time at a factory which though led my body to be in pain majority of the days, I learned the value of hard work. After quitting the factory, I went to work for a museum becoming an assistant manager, which helped me learn about Corporate America and help my interactions with meeting new people. Now that my son is old enough to be more independent, I decided to get back into music. After writing and releasing my first song in 8 years, I was hooked once again. Now my goal is to finally make some kind of positive impact in the music business using the skills I learned in the factory and Corporate America. Another goal is to use my platform to help local talent with the beginning of their journey as well.